Monthly Archives: January 2014

Website Updates

I’ve made major updates to the site this week, including new maps, directions, all new images, and descriptive information.  I’ve also added the “Planetary Tours” list, with suggested tour plans having various degrees of difficulty.

If you see any errors, have any problems, or think of something that the site is lacking, please let me know!

Unseasonable Weather

On most years, travel within the Solar System is severely limited this time of year.  The summit gets many feet of snow, and Bowman Road itself is closed long before you reach the turn-off to Grouse Ridge.  However, I suspect that much of the system is reachable.

Pluto has been logged recently, and I would assume Uranus it not snowed in.  The Loch Leven Trail is so heavily traveled that I would not be surprised to find it open, even if there is a certain amount of snow in the area.

If you have been hiking around Grouse Ridge, Cisco Grove, or Loch Leven, please post something here to let us know the conditions.


Website Overhaul

In January 2014, it seemed time to update the tired old website.  I’ve added a content management system and created some new material.  New updates will appear over the coming week.   Alas, some of the old stuff is now gone – including all of the old status updates, and comments from fans.

However, I have preserved the Planets Widget.  For those who would like to view it, with it’s fun little astrological symbols, you may do so here.  (Hover your mouse to see the symbols embossed on the planet pictures.)  Unfortunately, the links no longer work – I’ll fix that if I find the time.   🙂

I hope you enjoy the new look, and find time to experience the Solar Model yourself!