In this model, the Grouse Ridge Lookout represents the Sun, and each “cache” represents the location of a planet at its scale orbit. The lookout building is the correct scale size of Sol for this model – 14.4 feet across. (Ok, so it’s a square Sun, sorry!) Some caches have a reference stick – a tagged object in the cache of the correct size – but please bring a measuring tape or something to use (reference sticks have been known to wander off!)

Please Note: Most of this series lies above 7000 feet. The caches are under snow from about November to late May.

Scale model of the Solar System – 4 of 9
Scale: 1 inch equals 5000 miles

Object: Marsmars
Actual size: 4,222 mi
Actual orbit: 141,635,350 mi
Scale size: 0.84 in
Scale orbit: 2,361 ft (0.45 mi)

Coordinates in Model:
N39 22.927
W120 37.143

Geocache Listing

Just off the road to Grouse Ridge, near the top.

This planet location is on a mountain ridge, with steep hillside near by. Not recommended for very small children. Altitude 7000′ +


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