Solar_Objects-overThe Grouse Ridge Solar Model is a scale model of our Solar System, situated in Grouse Ridge Campground, Emigrant Gap, Cisco Grove, Big Bend, and Baxter, California, USA.  The model is implemented as a series of Geocaches, but you do not need to be a Geocacher to experience the model.  You will, however, need a GPS.

Quick Facts:

  • The scale of this model is 1 inch equals 5000 miles.
  • Sol, (our sun,) is represented by the Grouse Ridge Lookout.  At 14.4 feet across it’s exactly the right size for the scale, and it can be seen from a long way off – this is very important for this project.
  • Mercury is only 600 feet away.  In fact, all of the inner planets are within about a mile and a half.
  • After Jupiter, the distances start to take rather large leaps.  The furthest, Pluto, is almost 12 miles away!
  • All planetary positions have a clear view of Sol in this model (at least during nice weather.)
  • All planets have their coordinates posted both here and at the Geocaching site.  (You will need a GPS to cruise the model.)

Use the Links

Use the planet links on the main page to find out about each of the planets, or select them out of the Planets hover menu.  There are links to the Geocaching site throughout, so you can easily download waypoint files for your GPS.  The entire set of way points can be downloaded here, in GPX format.


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