Grouse Ridge

Grouse Ridge

The Grouse Ridge Campground is the access location for Sol, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.  The first four are all contained within the general area of the campground itself.  Mars and Jupiter are positioned along the access road, and are quite easy to visit. 

Saturn, however, is near the Black Buttes summit, a rather rough 3 mile hike from the parking area.  There may be other routes to access Saturn, but regardless of the path be prepared for wilderness hiking and rough, steep terrain near the summit.

Grouse Ridge can be reached from Bowman Lake Road.   The main road is windy but paved.  However, Grouse Ridge Road itself is about 5 miles of rough dirt road.  Four-wheel-drive is not required in fair weather, but cars with low ground clearance are not recommended.  The campground has pit toilets, but no running water or other services.


  • From Sacramento, take I-80 East to CA-20 West, toward Nevada City/Grass Valley
  • CA-20 West 4.4 mi to Bowman Lake Rd (Forest Rte 18), right turn
  • Bowman Lake Rd 6.3 mi to Grouse Ridge Lookout Rd (Forest Rte 14), right turn
  • Grouse Ridge Lookout Rd 4.9 mi to the Grouse Ridge campground

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