In this model, the Grouse Ridge Lookout represents the Sun, and each “cache” represents the location of a planet at its scale orbit. The lookout building is the correct scale size of Sol for this model – 14.4 feet across. (Ok, so it’s a square Sun, sorry!) Some caches have a reference stick – a tagged object in the cache of the correct size – but please bring a measuring tape or something to use (reference sticks have been known to wander off!)

Please Note: Most of this series lies above 7000 feet. The caches are under snow from about November to late May.

Scale model of the Solar System – 7 of 9
Scale: 1 inch equals 5000 miles

Object: Uranusuranus-02-120px
Actual size: 31,763 mi
Actual orbit: 1,783,950,479 mi
Scale size: 6.35 in
Scale orbit: 29,733 ft (5.63 mi)

Coordinates in Model:
N39 18.945
W120 33.535

Geocache Listing

This is very close to the freeway in Cisco Grove.  Take Eagle Lakes Road south, and bear to the left (east.)  Pick your way along the dirt roads parallel to the freeway until you are close to the large, solid granite hill with the cache coordinates on top.  It’s a short but steep hike to the cache.  Sol is only visible from the top of the rock.

There is a very large drop near the cache – not recommended for small children.


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